Henan Honliv School is a modern boarding school with a collection of nursery school, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school and the international education.The school is located in the new urban area of Changyuan County, Xinxiang City, covering an area of 600 mu. Its building area is 170,000 square meters.The construction investment has reached 3.1 billion yuan. It is equipped with domestic and international advanced facilities like a book data center, a computer multimedia teaching center, an international standard gym, a playground with 400 plastic runway and a football court covered with green grass. Third-phase project investment for he music hall totals 50 million yuan.The school was open in September 2004. There are more than 700 existing staff, including more than 300 full-time teachers.Over 4500 students are studying at school at present. Among the in-service teachers, more than 90% are national, provincial or municipal class core teachers or subject leaders. Students are cultivated according to their talent nature and characteristics, revealing its features of teaching with internationalization, artistry, humanism and digitization so that we can give full play to each student's potential and make every student get full development.

Since its inception, Honliv School has achieved great success in all kinds of work. The kindergarten was awarded "Henan Model Kindergarten" for its excellent management and teaching achievements.The primary section has yielded substantial results in students’all-round development and skills.In the competitions organized by the educational system in our country , Henan province or Xinxiang city , the teachers in the elementary school won the prizes for high quality classes for many times. Junior high school insist on cultivating students in the five aspects --moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic education and labor consciousness to improve the students' comprehensive quality. It was titled as the feature school of educating students. In Changyuan county, Hongli School ranks first in every universal examination and in the examinations of senior high school enrollment and university enrollment. The examination results for own admission also reaches the leading level. Meanwhile, the students in Hongli School makes remarkable achievements repeatedly in math, physics and chemistry competitions for senior students. In the three college entrance examinations in 2007 ( the graduates of the first session), 2008 and 2009, there are five highest-ranking students in the national college entrance examinations in total in Xinxiang city. Among the five , one science student ranks second in Henan province. Eight students are admitted into Tsinghua University; seven students are admitted into Peking University; One student is admitted into Hong Kong Chinese University ( scholarship--hk $500,000); one is admitted to Indonesian President university (full Tuition Waiver); one is admitted into Cuban Institute of Higher Education(full scholarship) ; two students are amitted as air force pilots into the Air Force Institute of the PLA. In September 2007, Hongli School was awarded the honorary title--- " advanced collective of national education system " by the state ministry of personnel and the state ministry of education.

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